BlueRockTEL allows you to easily add a visual to your invoices, which can be linked (or not) to a URL, typically a specific page on your website.

Many of our clients use this option at the beginning of the year to add a greeting message to their invoices, but it is also a valuable tool for announcing services or promotions that you can leverage throughout the year.

To do this, go to the “branding” section: here you can manage multiple “brands” to which you will associate different clients. This is useful in the case where you handle billing on behalf of partners or if you want to adopt specific visual identities for different client categories. We will cover this in another article.

Select the first available brand if you only have one, as it will be your default brand.

Now, simply upload an image in the “Visual on invoices” section. For optimal results and considering the available space on the invoice, we recommend using an image with dimensions of 18 cm in width (the width of the page excluding margins) and 6 cm in height.

In the “Link for the visual on invoices” section, indicate the URL where the recipient should be directed when they click on the message. This could be a specific page on your website announcing a promotion, for example. Don’t forget to add the necessary tags to the link based on your Google Analytics account configuration, so that you can measure the effectiveness of your visual on the invoice later on.

It’s as simple as that! The next set of invoices will include your visual.

Photo by Crew on Unsplash.