BlueRockTEL is much more than a billing solution for Telecom operators. Did you know, for example, that our solution is capable of automatically calculating commercial commissions (based on revenue or margin) for your employees, whether they are employees of your organization, independent resellers, or partner companies?

In order to do this, first go to the “Compensation Elements” section of the user configuration, where you can configure the following for each salesperson:

  • Remuneration rate based on initial billing (calculated, based on your working method, either on revenue or commercial margin)
  • Remuneration rate based on recurring billing (calculated, based on your working method, either on revenue or commercial margin)

In the same place, you can also define whether there is a delay (in months) before commission payment or not. Once again, this information can be differentiated between initial and recurring billing, and it will be applied individually to each billed service (the delay in months starting from the activation date).

In the case where you apply compensation based on margin, an option allows you to define whether you apply operating expenses (which will be added to the purchase price) to the salesperson or not. Particularly in the case of independent resellers, you can differentiate between collaborators who provide their own support or not. Of course, you can specify the amount of operating expenses in the “item record” of the relevant service.

Once your configuration is done, BlueRockTEL will automatically generate an individual sales report for each of your active salespeople.

The report first provides a general summary for the salesperson, including:

  • Revenue
  • Corresponding purchases
  • Operating expenses
  • Commercial margin
  • And, of course, compensation

We then move into a more detailed level with product performance for recurring billing: for each item, it includes quantity, revenue, purchases, operating expenses, margin, and compensation.

Due to its inherently lower volume, the summary for the initial billing is presented in a slightly different way, by “sales line”.

Finally, the report provides you with the detailed breakdown of sales, invoice by invoice.

Regardless of the status of your collaborators, the report will be of great assistance in automatically determining the compensation elements. The wide range of available parameters allows each company to customise BlueRockTEL according to its own sales compensation policy.

Photo by Tyler Franta on Unsplash.