Prospecting, construction of your commercial offer, technical deployment, billing, ticketing, satisfaction surveys: throughout all these stages, BlueRockTEL, a true ERP for the Office, Cloud, and Telecom professions, allows you to manage your entire business by helping you build an exceptional Customer Experience.

CRM and Quotes

  • A highly customisable solution that unleashes your marketing and sales creativity
  • Advanced configuration at the service or fleet level, whether it’s Telecom, Cloud, or Office
  • Management of the third-party payer (leasing or financing organisation for professional training)

Project Management

  • Technical pre-deployment surveys (technical prerequisites)
  • A comprehensive project management solution for successful deployment at your clients’ sites
  • Configurable automated emails at each stage of the deployment

Mediation, Valuation, Billing

  • Quick and seamless retrieval of your usage data (telecom CDRs, equipment, and operator data, machine data collection)
  • An ultra-performing mediation/valuation solution (NoSQL technologies, processing several thousand items per second)
  • Real-time processing, advanced statistics in the dedicated client space
  • A reverse-billing solution, margin analysis, automatic calculation of sales commission

Debt Collection

  • Payment management (SEPA Direct Debit, GoCardless, Stripe, PayPal, etc.)
  • Automation of collection reminders
  • Automatic handling of unpaid fees

Support, Ticketing

  • An advanced ticketing solution
  • Incoming email filters to direct tickets into appropriate categories
  • Advanced time-tracking to monitor the time spent on each ticket
  • Automatic billing of tickets outside of contracts, if applicable


  • An integrated tool for newsletter campaigns
  • Satisfaction surveys and real-time data feedback

International Development

  • A natively multi-lingual solution

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