Telecom Operators / CDR

Which Telecom operators is the BlueRockTEL solution compatible with?

BlueRockTEL is compatible with all telecom providers as long as they provide a Call Data Record (CDR) file or any other usable file format.

Here is a non-exhaustive list of Telecom operators whose CDR we currently integrate and process on a regular basis: Alphalink, Centile, Cal4Care, Completel, Dstny (OpenIP), Fonia, Gamma, Keyyo, Networth, OVH Telecom, Rezocean, Unyc, Sewan, Totalcloud, Transatel, Voxbone.

We are also able to retrieve and process CDR directly from your network equipments (such as Bicom, Cirpack, 3CX).

If your operator is not in this list, please contact us so that we can confirm feasibility.

How often does the BlueRockTEL solution retrieve CDR ?

As soon as they are available, based on what the operator offers, usually on a daily basis.

When we retrieve CDR from your network equipments, and depending on the desired configuration, they are processed, valued in real-time, and made available to your customers in the client portal.

Sometimes my Telecom provider transfers certain communications late (typically, communications from April appear in the May CDRs, after the billing for April’s communications has already been done): is this a case managed by BlueRockTEL?

Yes. By default, BlueRockTEL takes into account the non-billed communications from the previous three months. A simple configuration, which can be performed by our support team, will allow you to go further back if needed.

Billing / Automatic Billing

I would like to bill some of my clients monthly, others on a quarterly basis, and others on a semi-annual basis: does the BlueRockTEL software allow for this?

Yes, the BlueRockTEL software allows you to set different billing frequencies for each client.

Is it possible to set up automatic billing in multiple instalments each month?

Yes, in two cases:

  1. If your automatic billing has already been generated and sent on the 1st of the month, and you activate new accounts between the 1st and the 5th that you want to bill on the 5th, you can initiate a new automatic billing operation. BlueRockTEL will only consider what has not been billed yet for that period.
  2. If you want to permanently bill certain clients or categories of clients at different times within the month, BlueRockTEL allows for this customisation.

Can I create a one-time invoice outside of the automatic billing process?

Yes, certainly. You can create a one-time invoice outside of the automatic billing process by using the proforma invoice, which you can then validate as a final invoice.

Note that there is another approach, especially if it concerns a client under automatic billing. You can add the items to be invoiced (such as equipment or services) in the one-time billing items of the current client’s file. These items will be automatically included in the regular billing cycle. There is an advantage to this solution: the billing file serves as a historical record of what has been sold to the client over time.

Can I bill things other than Telecom services with BlueRockTEL?

Yes, absolutely. You can bill recurring Cloud services (such as subscription-based software licenses like Microsoft 365), as well as services and equipment. One of our clients even uses BlueRockTEL for office space rental!

BlueRockTEL also allows you to bill copiers and related consumables.

More about BlueRockTEL

How can I learn more about BlueRockTEL?

We regularly publish new content on this website that allows you to discover the many features of BlueRockTEL.

Call us at +33 (0) 1 86 90 16 80, and we will be happy to answer all your questions.

To get an overview of all the possibilities of the solution, sign up for a free demo!

Photo by KOBU Agency on Unsplash.