Main Features

BlueRockTEL provides a comprehensive Business Support Solution, specifically tailored for the Telecom and Cloud industries. Employing a modular approach, it enables the selection and integration of individual, multiple, or all available features to accommodate specific business requirements.

Prospection and Sales Management

An adaptable solution to unleash your marketing creativity - Advanced configuration of services or fleets for telecommunications and cloud services - Management of third-party payers (leasing)

Deployments Management

Pre-deployment technical assessments - Comprehensive project management for client implementations - Configurable automated emails at each stage - Enhanced teamwork and collaboration

Rating and Billing

CDR Retrieval - Fast mediation/rating system based on NoSQL technologies - Real-time processing, advanced statistics, billing, margin analysis, and supplier billing control

Debt Recovery

Effective payment management (Direct Debits, Sepa, GoCardless, Stripe, etc) - Automated debt recovery reminders - Streamlined handling of unpaid fees


Advanced ticketing solution - Incoming email filters for ticket direction - Sophisticated time-tracking - Automatic billing for out-of-contract tickets

Customers Satisfaction

Integrated newsletter campaign tool - Customer satisfaction surveys - Real-time data feedback and insights - E-learning features for customer training

What our customers think

Alexandre Lang

Alexandre Lang


"Since 2012, we have relied on the services of BlueRockTEL for billing our internet access and OVH phone lines. This has allowed us to focus primarily on providing service and customer support by delivering clear and detailed invoices. What we particularly appreciate about BlueRockTEL is their presence by our side, always providing solutions to the specific needs of our clients. We have been able to deploy installations for national franchises and customize the invoice according to the requirements of their accounting services. Their extensive knowledge of OVH APIs enables them to always find a solution and implement new quality control tools."

Jean-Marc Guibert

Jean-Marc Guibert


"BlueRockTEL saves me valuable time by easily managing the billing of several hundred clients. I also appreciate having reports that allow for detailed analysis of our margins per client and per salesperson. But that's not all, BlueRockTEL also enables me to handle the follow-up on unpaid invoices, the tracking of technical deployment for our solutions, and customer support management. I highly recommend BlueRockTEL to any company looking to save time, and I am very satisfied with the team's responsiveness and work."

Nicolas Rebouh

Nicolas Rebouh


"Every month, BlueRockTEL automatically sends invoices to our clients. This represents several hundred records, and each of these records contains an average of ten active services, and for some, even over a hundred. Additionally, our clients' situations and the issues they encounter are diverse, leading us to offer a wide variety of services and packages. The BlueRockTEL solution has demonstrated its ability to handle this complex environment by generating accurate invoices in real-time."

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