Once the CDRs are integrated, BlueRockTEL is ready to initiate automatic billing based on the information provided in the records.

In the first step, all calls from the specified period are analysed to determine how they should be billed. During the second step, the price for each call is calculated and stored in the database.

Pre-production billing

The pre-production billing is then generated.

It serves as a “test billing” to ensure that everything is correct.

To initiate the pre-production billing, simply go to the corresponding tab, select your options, and launch the operation:

During the set-up of your account, BlueRockTEL’s support team will assist you in configuring your default options. You will be sent a billing control report in the form of an Excel file. This report provides a concise overview of each invoice, including:

  • Invoice number
  • Account number
  • Customer name
  • Total amount billed
  • Net payable amount
  • Amount of initial billing items (such as installation fees, deposits, accessories…)
  • Amount of recurring billing items (services billed monthly)
  • Consumption amount
  • If applicable, prorated amount on the invoice
  • Amount of the previous invoice for the same account

This report allows for quick and efficient control of your billing.

You can also view the invoices as BlueRockTEL generates them in PDF format and stores them in your FTP space.

This step allows you to ensure the accuracy of your billing and make any necessary corrections to the records.

If needed, you can initiate multiple pre-production billings before confirming the transition to production.

Production billing

The final billing is then generated.

The invoices are immediately visible in BlueRockTEL, on the client’s profile.

The final invoices are also generated in PDF format and stored in your FTP space.

Finally, the invoices are sent to your clients via email. All contacts of the client company listed as invoice recipients receive them.

At this point, you can generate your SEPA-format direct debit file.

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Photo by Luca Bravo on Unsplash.