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BlueRockTEL provides a comprehensive Business Support Solution, specifically tailored for the Telecom and Cloud industries. Employing a modular approach, it enables the selection and integration of individual, multiple, or all available features to accommodate specific business requirements.

Sales Management

A highly adaptable solution unleashing marketing and sales creativity - Advanced service or fleet configurations for Telecom or Cloud Services - Efficient management of third-party payers (leasing)

Project Management

Pre-deployment technical assessments - Comprehensive project management for client implementations - Configurable automated emails at each stage - Enhanced teamwork and collaboration

Mediation, Rating and Billing

Swift usage data retrieval - Ultra-efficient mediation/valuation system based on NoSQL technologies - Real-time processing, advanced statistics, billing and reverse-billing with margin analysis.

Debt Recovery

Effective payment management (Direct Debits, Sepa, GoCardless, Stripe, etc) - Automated debt recovery reminders - Streamlined handling of unpaid fees.


Advanced ticketing solution - Incoming email filters for ticket direction - Sophisticated time-tracking - Automatic billing for out-of-contract tickets.

Customer Training and Communication

Integrated newsletter campaign tool - Customer satisfaction surveys - Real-time data feedback and insights - E-learning features for customer training


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