BlueRockTEL is not just a billing tool but a comprehensive solution for tracking your business activities.

From a client’s profile, you can quickly record notes related to them. This feature enables you to maintain a historical record of interactions with the client. Additionally, you can attach an action to the note, which can be performed by yourself or one of your colleagues, and specify a due date. By using BlueRockTEL in this manner, it becomes a powerful tool for managing your business activities. You can use these features to plan both sales and technical actions.

Let’s take a closer look at how it works.

Under the invoice history, within the client’s profile, you will find the notes section. It starts with a form to enter a new note and then displays the existing notes, sorted from the most recent to the oldest.

Note that some notes correspond to actions performed automatically by the application (such as automatic invoice sending), while others relate to actions carried out by you or your colleagues.

You can simply enter information that you wish to keep. In this case, there is no need to plan or set up a specific action.

Once saved, the new note will take the top position in the list, along with its timestamp.

Now let’s imagine that you want to attach an action to this note, meaning you want to schedule something to be done later, either by yourself or for one of your colleagues. All you need to do is choose when the action should be performed and by whom. The scheduled action will now appear both on the client’s profile and in the list of actions for the respective person, along with its scheduled execution date.

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Photo by Christin Hume on Unsplash.