If you are an Ovh/OvhCloud customer, you may already use our script OvhBills in order to get your invoices.

A new version is available today.

The main new feature? It is not only a command line script anymore but a full web application, with a simple but efficient graphical interface allowing you to see your invoices month by month, with a monthly summary and the detail of each invoice. That’s basically what were having BlueRockTEL‘s customers for their Ovh invoices, now available for all, Open Source.

Other features:

  • you can, within the same installation, set up as many Ovh nic-handles as you need: OvhBills will automatically get the matching invoices,
  • you can enter some FTP credentials in the application settings : OvhBills will automatically duplicate the PDF of each invoice on your FTP server.
Ovh Bills : summary for a particular month

Find out more and download from Github : https://github.com/cygeorgel/ovhbills

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