For a prospect or a customer, you use the BlueRockTEL customer file as a support for both the quote and the contract, then the punctual and recurring invoicing… But did you know that the file can also allow you to organise and follow the entire installation process at your customer’s premises?

A template for the entire installation process

The installation process itself, based on the installation template, contains all the actions to be completed in order to get the customer ready to be charged, with their respective actors and within a logical chronology. Being used the right way, installation templates and installation processes provide the guarantee that nothing will be forgotten during the customer set-up; they make more fluid the processes within your organisation and ultimately they contribute to increase customer satisfaction.

When using BlueRockTEL optimally, the installation process is triggered when the customer file is set ready for production (after the customer gave his approval): as the one who knows the best the customer’s expectations, the sales representative is choosing the setup template.

For example, let’s choose a 3CX telephony installation with portability and on-site installation:

Click on “Set to production! “will be sufficient to change the status of the file, transform the prospect into a customer if necessary and prepare all the actions for the various employees involved.

Note that you can use the templates provided by default with your BlueRockTEL instance, but also create your own templates. BlueRockTEL allows you to configure as many installation templatees as necessary. Being able to duplicate an installation with a single click also allows you to easily create different variants to precisely meet your different needs. In addition to the typical installation that we have used as an example above, we will probably have a “3CX without portability and without on-site installation” etc.

Setup templates configuration goes hand in hand with automatic emails configuration and customisation: thus emails will automatically be sent, both to the concerned members of your team and to appropriate contacts at your client’s, as long as specific actions are marked as “done”. The most obvious example: the validation of a portability date will trigger an email.

What happens when an installation template is triggered?

Triggering a installation template create all the actions it contains at the customer file level, for the concerned actors. For example, an action assigned to the sales representative in the installation template will be assigned to the sales representative of the customer file, as well for the sales administrator or the technician

In order to respect the chronology between actions, some of them are triggered either by a phase of the installation process, or by another action. This also prevents employees from ending up with an endless tasks list. On the opposite, the whole idea is to get in one’s list only the “available” tasks, at the appropriate time.

In addition, BlueRockTEL gives you other views on the installation and its actions…

When a running installation is attached to the customer file, a star wheel appears next to it

By clicking on the wheel, you will get an overview of the installation, its phases and actions. If an action does not have a date indicated, it means that it is not yet available. It is possible, from this view, to shift the date of an action, or, of course, to mark it as performed (by clicking on the magic wand), which will trigger the following action(s) in the installation.

However, it is not this view that your employees will use the most. Indeed, each of them will find their actions in their list of actions for the day, accessible from the corresponding menu. And here, only the “available” actions appear:

Finally, a global view of all the installations in progress is more intended for the manager, it allows him to see in a synthetic way all that is in progress and the level of progress. For each ongoing process, he can easily see which is the next action to be taken and who is responsible for it:

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